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Disproportionate high school dropout rates, low graduation rates, limited exposure and access to science and math curricula results in African-American students having limited science and math literacy.

The PUSH Excel STEAM curriculum is provided in partnership with local technology partners who engage students in a number of technical areas including: introduction to HTML, creating web pages, app design, coding, and creating video games.

Students are expected to develop and achieve the following outcomes:

  • Develop environment, assessments, and tools
  • Digital Portfolio
  • HTML
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • JavaScript
  • Game Development
  • Exclusive online learning content

During the Summer STEAM Institute, students are engaged in project based learning opportunities. Each student will be asked to form a model tech company and select one of the following projects to complete for his/her company:

  • Web Page Design
  • Social Media Ethics
  • Mobile Applications

These projects enable the students to understand how digital tools are utilized in the business world.